Volcanoes National Park is a number one safari destination with a variety of  activities for the multitude of tourists coming into Rwanda mainly for gorilla safaris and other Rwanda wildlife tours to do depending on their travel interests and time.

With utmost assurance, Volcanoes national park is Rwanda’s widely visited safari destination and some of the activities to do in Volcanoes national park include:

activities to do in Volcanoes national park


Mountain gorilla tracking

This is the most frequently done activity for most travelers to Volcanoes national park. The national park harbors 10 habituated gorilla families available for trekking. Also, this park covers part of the great Virunga massif bordering Virunga national park in Congo and then Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda. Travelers to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda are supposed to buy gorilla permits each costing $1500 for an hour’s interaction from Rwanda Development Board.

Volcano climbing

Volcanoes national park is  also home to the three extinct volcanoes. Tourists/visitors to this national park have an added advantage of hiking to the top of any extinct Volcano which in return rewards them with magnanimous views of Rwanda’s magnificent hills, kigali city and local communities. Mt Karisimbi is the most hiked mountain, on which everyone makes a statement of its worth the hike, once they return to the ground.

Golden Monkey trekking

Besides Gorilla trekking, Golden monkey trekking is one of another mostly done activities in Volcanoes national park-Rwanda, this attracts  a couple of  tourists into this National park. Golden monkeys are beautiful creatures which every tourists should not miss out on his/her Rwanda trekking safari. Golden Monkeys can only be seen in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda and Mgahinga National Park – Uganda. The  golden monkey trekking costs is $100 which is far cheaper than that of Gorilla trekking.


The Musanze caves are some of the futures one shouldn’t miss on their visit to  Rwanda’s  Volcanoes national park. Very professional and Experienced guides will lead you into these caves while teasching you about the mysteries of the caves, history and all other facts concerning the park and Rwanda.

Adventurous Hike to Dian Fossey Tombs

A tour to Volcanoes National Park Rwanda can entice you with a hike to the tomb of the late Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was an American primatologist who spent about to two decades in the park, studying the mountain gorillas.   She is believed to have been murdered by poachers in a year of 1985. This hike to the tomb is about six hours, to and from.

Mountain Bikes Excursions and Guided Walks

There are many guided and unguided walks around Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. One of the most famous walks will take you to the Musanze market, where tourists can interact with the local people. Volcano National park also features a nature walk to the beautiful Twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. One can rest and also stroll around the lakes, taking photos and videos of the scenery.

Cultural Visits ,

Experience Rwanda’s culture at Iby’Iwacu Village also known as Gorilla Guardians Village. cultural visits is one of the most sort out activity done on a  Volvcanoes national park safari in Rwanda.

Iby’ ‘ iwacu Cultural Village is found on the edge of Volcanoes National Park, while here you will experience very many cultural performances held here, in which you can take part.

The Iby’ ‘ Iwacu Cultural Village comprises of people who were once poachers but now they were conviced to stop poaching and instead perform and dance for the tourists from which they earn. While here you will see the traditional house of a local king.

You can also take part in arrow and bow shooting, besides enjoying Kinyarwanda cultural music, dances, and drumming performed by local people. A visit to the cultural villages is enough to weigh your woth for the tour.

Lake Ngezi Trail Lake Ngezi Trail

The Ngezi trail is the shortest trail of all trails in the Volcanoes National park that leads to a small scenic lake nestled in a volcanic depression at the foot of Mount Bisoke. The hike here takes about 3 hours since the area is a bit steep from the departure point to the summit. One can also take a walk around the lake which usually takes about 7 hours.

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