Best places to visit in Central Africa on a safari in Africa

When thinking of visiting central Africa, here are the Best places to visit in Central Africa that will make the best of your safari in this part of the African continent. This region has few countries but with a lot of treasures from the remarkable natural physical features, diverse and interesting cultures, cities and not forgetting the warm hearts of the people. For nature lovers, here are countries with the best places to visit in Central Africa for an African adventure Safari. One key tip for a successful tour or Safari is to get an experienced tour guide or book your safari through a reputable safari company to take care of you all throughout for the best experience on your African Safari.


Baboon in the Best places to visit in Central africa

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

DRC is the second biggest country that makes up Central Africa, it has beautiful nature, a virgin culture and its people are friendly and welcoming.

Some of the best places to visit in Central Africa when you are on an African safari in DRC are; Nyiragongo Volcano, still active is found in Goma, Virunga National Park which is boarded by Uganda and Rwanda, a home of endangered mountain Gorillas along other wild animals, thick forests and mountains, Garamba National Park covered with savanna grasslands, it harbors different wildlife like giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippopotamus among others, Maiko National Park another place for Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards, elephants etc., Okapi Wildlife Reserve with a beautiful landscape, rivers and wildlife, here you will explore the culture and life style of the pygmies, Salongo National Park, Africa’s largest tropical rainforest, a home to different wildlife and exceptionally beautiful nature, kahuzi Beiga National Park, Bayoma falls, Lake Kivu and so much more.


Cameroon is another part of Central Africa, it has different tourist destinations ranging from the cities to the beaches, national parks and reserves with unique and amazing features. The people in Cameroon are welcoming, you will leave when you know their cultural history and traditions not missing the local cuisines.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Central Africa on an African safari in Cameroon; Mefou National Park for Gorillas and chimpanzee lovers; Waza National Park with different wildlife and best for game drives; Korup National Park with an evergreen forest, this park is best for birding since it harbors a great number of bird species; cities like Yaoundé Cameroons capital city, Garoua, Kribi, Foumban, Bafaoussamamong others.


Gabon is another beautiful country in Central Africa, it is surrounded by beautiful nature and its worth a visit on an African Safari. Gabon has nature reserves which give a feel of the amazing wildlife lakes, rivers and landscapes, these beauties are explored along with the warm hearted people of this country.

Here are some of the main places to visit in Central Africa on an African Safari in Gabon; Lope National Park found in central Gabon, it has beautiful savanna grasslands and Ogooue River which is a home of a variety of wild animals like sitatunga, black Columbus monkey etc. and bird species like the endangered blue turaco, emerald cuckoo, rosy bee-eater, crowned hawk eagle among others; Loango National Park another destination in Gabon which is endowed with different natural features from the forests, wetlands, savanna grasslands and lagoon, along the beach, you can see different water species like the whales, dolphins, sharks, rogue among others, here you will also spot different wildlife like gorillas, elephants, buffalos etc.; Akanda National Park one park in Gabon were you will find Mangrove trees and a variety of birds, and marine life; Mayumba National Park, an ultimate place in Gabon for marine life lovers among others.


Angola is the biggest country in Africa and its found in the Central Africa, this beautiful country has a lot to explore from its vastness that shouldn’t be missed on an African Safari. Angola has remarkable physical features like lakes, the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, forests, savanna grasslands, wildlife, rivers, etc., some of the places in Angola with these beauties are; Kissama National Park which has different wildlife from its  vegetation to animals; Mupa National Park with different wild animal species like Lions, wild dogs, leopards, etc.; Iona National Park which is the largest park in Angola with different animal and bird species, the forests in this park is a home to the indigenous people of the country; Dala Waterfalls; Lake Dilolo found in Moxico and it’s the largest in the country; Maiombe Forest which is the biggest forest in Angola with different tree species and wildlife; Angola also has beautiful cities start from Luanda it capital, Benguela with the nicest beaches and much more.

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is another part of Central Africa, the country is blessed with a lot of beautiful natural features, a rich cultural and traditional background and amazing people, who are friendly. An African Safari in Central African Republic is extremely rewarding, from the national parks, villages and towns, the rivers and waterfalls. Some of the places you should not miss on your safari in Central African Republic are; Dzanga-Ndoki National Park located south-west of the country with different wildlife like Gorillas, elephants, monkeys, etc.; Chinko Nature Reserve with a great number of animal species like buffalos, elephants among others; Boali waterfalls; Andre Felix National Park which is an ultimate destination for bird lovers; towns like Bangui, the capital city of Central African Republic, Bouar, Kembe village among others each with different charming ways and places.

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