Best places to visit in North Africa on an African Safari

Are you planning to visit North Africa, here are the best places to visit in North Africa that will give you a rewarding experience. This region is blessed with remarkable physical features like mountains, Sahara Desert which crosses every county in North Africa, cities, wildlife, diverse and interesting African cultures and the ancient Medina traditions.  Here are some of the countries showing the best places to visit in North Africa on a Safari;


Egypt is one of the beautiful countries that make up North Africa, it has the best places to visit in North Africa that you must not miss starting from the pyramids of Giza, which are one of the oldest wonders of the world, the Luxor city with museums and temples of ancient Egyptians, Abu Simbel were the two temples of pharaoh were built, Ras Mohammed National Park which is the oldest national park in Egypt with different and amazing marine species,  and the town of Siwa Oasis with beautiful sceneries, hot springs and best for desert safaris.


Morroco is also part of the few countries in North Africa which you should not miss on an African safari, it has spectacular cities like Fes which gives you a setting of native religion and culture of the country, Marrakesh city filled with narrow streets, city treasures of the ancient Medina, and the local cuisines which you must enjoy, Tangler city, Chefchaoune city, Essaouira city among others with unique and different attractions and pleasures they offer.

The Atlas Mountains is another ultimate destination in Morocco, it is a challenging trek to the summit but the rewards are worth exploring.

Other attractions in Morocco that you must visit are the Al Hoceima National Park with beautiful wildlife and sceneries for a relaxing nature walk throughout the park, and the Sahara Desert with beautiful orange sand and the ride on the camel through the desert you should not miss.


Tunusia is another part of North Africa, which unique and hidden beauties to explore on an African Safari. Tunusia has towns with ancient buildings of Medina, cultural destinations, Bardo National Museum, Fancy hotels and beaches along the sea.

Towns you must visit in Tunisia include Tunis, the capital city of the country, Sousse, El Jem, Sidi Bou Said among others.

Keep in mind that for a successful tour or Safari is to get an experienced tour guide or booking with a reputable tour company for your best experience on any African Safari.

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