Best places to visit in West Africa on an African Safari

Hello African Safari lovers, let’s go West Africa, this region has remarkable physical features like mountains, ocean beaches, cities, wildlife, diverse and interesting culture and not forgetting the warm hearts of the people.  Here are some of the countries showing the best places to visit in West Africa on an African Safari. One key tip for a successful tour or Safari is to get experienced tour guides or company for the best experience on any African Safari.


Ghana is one of the countries in West Africa, its West Africa’s golden child, so it has a lot of attractions to exploit right from its capital city Accra, towns, villages, beaches, market and nature beauty like wild animals like elephants, buffaloes, roan antelope, lions among others, birds, rivers, lakes and beautiful sceneries which makes it an ideal destination for your African Safari.

To begin with Ghana’s capital city Accra with heritage buildings for colonial times, National Museum, monuments, markets and beaches like Labadi beach, National parks like Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, Lake Volta, which is a man-made lake, Lake Bosumtwe, Paga Crocodile Pond and much more exciting and interesting places.


Senegal is one of the countries that make up West Africa, it has different attractions that you must not miss when you decide to go West Africa. Senegal’s capital city Dakar has unique places like the Dakar IFAN Museum which gives you the cultural history of Senegal and nice eye catching artifacts, markets, local food restaurants and beaches.

Senegal also has Saloum Delta National Park, Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary with a variety of bird species, River Senegal, Pink Lake, Goree Island, Lompoul Desert and different towns like St. Louis, Cape Skirling etc. each with special stories and unique characteristics.


Togo is part of the few countries in West Africa, its small but rich with astonishing places to visit not forgetting the culture and traditions of the country. Togo’s capital city Lome is full of adventure and wonders like the independence monument, National Museum, markets, Lomé Cathedral.

Togo also consists of different towns which give the typical Togo heritage like Voodoo shrines, mud huts, local foods, traditional markets among others, some of the towns that you must not miss when in Togo are Kara, Atakpame, Mango, Sokode, Aneho, Togoville, Agbodrafo, and Kpalime.

When on a West Africa Safari in Togo, you cannot miss going to Fazao Malfakassa National Park, Keran National Park, Fosse aux Lions National Park, altogether these parks give a view of different animals like elephants, bushbucks, antelopes among others and unique landscapes.


Here comes the smallest country in West Africa and Africa as a whole, this country has the best places to visit in western Africa because its surrounded by quite a number of beaches with palms on the coastlines giving you a feel of love and relaxation. Gambia has a rich cultural history and openhearted people which you will experience from the different towns like Serrenkunda, Janjangbureh among others.

Banjul, the heart of Gambia is also a must visit, it has the Albert Market which was named after Queen Victoria’s late husband Prince Albert with a variety of goods to buy from food to traditional art pieces and accessories. You can’t also miss the National Museum of Gambia with a wide range exhibits.

Gambia gives you an opportunity to explore mother nature through its natural reserves where you find various animal species like Chimpanzees, monkeys, Porcupines, African palm civets, crocodiles, Gorillas, antelopes, etc., birds like francolin, bee-eaters, osprey, forests with different tree species, and landscapes with beautiful sceneries. Some of the best Gambia’s natural reserves are; Abuko National Reserve, Kachikally Crocodile Pool, Tanji river bird reserve, Makasutu Culture Forest, Bijilo Forest Park, River Gambia, Wassu stone circles among others.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is another part of West Africa, which unique and hidden beauties to explore on your African Safari. The country is surrounded by attractive palm-lined beaches, towns with rich culture and traditions and natural beautiful sceneries ranging from wildlife to landscapes.

Best places to visit in West Africa, Ivory Coast are Comoe National Park, Tai National Park, Mt Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, towns like Grand-Bassam, Man, Abidjan, and beaches like Assouinde and Jacqueville which will give you an extraordinary feel and touch.


When you talk about west Africa, Nigeria comes right in your mind, it’s also known as the Giant of Africa. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of beautiful natural features, a rich cultural and traditional background supported by the many ethnic tribes each with amazing and unique characteristics making it one of the best Africa Safari destinations.

Nigeria has different disticts and they all have a must see attraction with unique features, like; Olumo Rock in Ogun State, Lekki Zuma and Aso Rocks in Abuja, Agbokim Waterfall in Cross-River State, Yankali Game Reserve in Bauchi State, Lekki Conservation Centre and Nile Art Gallery in Lagos, beaches like Onuri, Eleko, Tarkwa Bay among others.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is one of the countries in West Africa which you would not love to miss exploring due to its natural splendors, from the arrow-shaped archipelago out in the north Atlantic with different Island like Sal Island, Maio Island, Fogo Island etc. each has unique and magnificent features.

The Volcano Pico de Fogo mountain is one of the main attractions in Cape Verde, it will give you a thrilling experience when you climb to the top, other attraction are its towns or cities with attractive beaches, luxury hotels and exotic cuisines.

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