Guidelines for Writers

AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE is a free online article publication website for active Africa safari lovers/ outdoor enthusiasts. We cover a wide range of African tourism topics with the main aim of promoting African tourism while giving everyone a chance to show case their experience in the African safari sector. And as our tagline suggests, our content is largely African and every can write.

AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE only publishes posts which are a good fit for the site and its audience. To submit a post, email it to with attached photos and a short bio of the writer.

Who can Guest post. Guest posting is for everyone from tour operator companies, independent contractor or any other interested writer. All posts will include a writer bio and a back link to your site or social media profile.

Benefits to Guest authors: Cross-promotion of article; We will promote the writers’ articles using our different promotion campaigns like social media channels, newsletters, emailing campaigns and channels for it to rich a bigger audience around the world hence increasing your reputation in the sector and popularity. This will help increase your sales, your website visits hence fostering our goal of “Promoting African Tourism”. However, we highly encourage our guest authors to equally promote their articles.

AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE considers all types of tourism articles ranging from safari personal experiences, destination guides, travel tips, expert issues, hospitality experience; this involves tour operator’s customer experiences mainly done through customer review or safari experience articles, festivals, events, photo essays accommodation customer experiences, personal stories, safari destination experience and fascinating people’s lifestyle on your safari on the African continent and many more like wildlife and natural resources conservation, safari activities, natural and scenic areas, cultural experiences. Therefore we generally accept all articles that are about all aspects of tourism in Africa.

As you develop your article, please keep in mind the following points. They are some of the basic things that AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE’s editors will look out for as they consider your article for publishing;

  • Our Readers Demand the Best, so we expect our writers to be authorities on their subjects. Our “where-to” and “how-to” articles must provide the latest, most reliable information; our news articles must be timely and well-researched; and our features and profiles must be original in style and content.
  • Unique content. We will not accept duplicate content. All posts must be newly created content specifically for AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE and which will not be replicated elsewhere. Your guest post should also be in-line with the kind of content that we feature with a typical length of 250 to 1000 words for news section articles, 500 to 2,000 words for in depth section articles.
  • Photos. You must include at least two High Quality original photos. If not available, photos with proper creative commons licenses can be used, but must be properly credited. We reserve the right to omit and/or further edit images prior to publishing. Images may be used to promote post on social media.
  • General appeal: your article should appeal to AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE’s general audience, which includes children, adults, African societies, tourists, researchers, environmentalists, participants in outdoor recreation and sports (campers, kayakers, hikers, bikers, etc.), bird and wildlife watchers and trippers.
  • Editorial process. We reserve the right to revise or otherwise tailor guest post submissions. Any relevant links should be noted at the intended point of inclusion. We will examine each post for content and quality and may come back to you with suggested or required changes prior to publishing (usually only in the event of grammatical errors or inappropriate content).
  • Freshness and timeliness: we highly accept timely articles/ news and we often look out for cover cutting-edge topics and always look for pieces that offer a unique perspective on the tourism sector on the African continent, so write with timely freshness and innovativeness in mind.
  • All guest authors receive a byline at the bottom of the article and a short bio. Inclusion of a personal biography (two to three sentences will suffice) and a personal link is required. You may also include links for up to two of your social media profiles.

The AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE has sole authority to decide which stories are published. Not all articles and photographs submitted will be published, or published immediately. Some stories may be held for a later publication. Stories that require heavy editing will be held until acceptable.

Guest posts are scheduled in the order received and depending on the site’s posting schedule. A specific publish date cannot be guaranteed. Kindly inform us of a deadline so we can schedule your post accordingly.

Publishing rights. AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE does not provide copyright protection and only retains digital publishing rights.

Article section categories

  • News Section: articles to be placed in the news section should be written in typical 250 to 1000 words reports on expeditions, competitions, trends, destinations, environmental issues, recreational controversies, weird new gear items, humorous spins on outdoor news items, and up-and-coming outdoor athletes and adventurers of interest to a national readership.
  • In-Depth Section: your article should be introduced, fully developed and concluded in typical length of 500 to 2,000 words. AFRICA SAFARI MAGAZINE experiential articles often begin with a first-person, take-you-there tale from the field, an anecdote that makes the reader feel as if he/she is present in the moment the writer is describing. These articles include a mix of first-person adventure stories, investigative journalism, profiles of African adventurers and events, and special guides to African destinations.

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